Tea Towels with Mixed Sports Prints


Description: Linen Tea Towels with Sports Prints available in different designs.


Details & Colours:

Golf Buggy Linen Tea Towel;

The image shows a beautiful vintage golf buggy, (circa 1960's). An Australian design like no other, this particular model graced courses right across the country for several decades.


St Monica's Tennis Linen Tea Towel;

The image shows a local tennis club court roster and assorted racquets, (both circa 1970's). Equal parts rudimentary and ingenious, this delightful old board would have been a pivotal part of club operations on match day. 


Soccer Ball Linen Tea Towel;

The image shows a severely beaten up soccer ball. A playground companion to seemingly an entire generation of primary school children this ball is testimony to the popularity of the 'world game' and symbolic of the changing shape of Australian sport.


Fabric of Football Tea Towel;

This artwork features photographs of 150 different vintage Australian Football Jumpers. Collected from far and wide across Australia, the jumpers feature simple designs and vibrant colours which were worn universally across football teams of Australia in the 1970’s and ‘80’s. Screen printed onto the 100% premium linen fabric, the artwork is a celebration of the social connectedness the game continues to bring to this country.


Slow Cricket Bat Line Up Tea Towel;

Art, design and vintage sport combine in this perfect gift for the cricket lover. Made of 100% premium linen and designed and printed in Australia, this highly evocative piece, featuring photo's of 21 beautiful old cricket bats, is perfect in the kitchen or on the wall.

This assembly of instantly recognisable bats, each with their individual match worn patina's, variable colours and sizes has created a classic contemporary design piece.


Slow Cricket Old Ball Tea Towel;

A perfect gift for the cricket lover. Made of 100% premium linen and designed and printed in Australia, this superb piece, featuring a high resolution photograph of an old cricket ball is perfect in the kitchen or on the wall.


Wooden Tennis Racquet Line Up Tea Towel;

A combination of art, design and vintage sport makes the perfect gift for the discerning sportsfan.

This artwork features 9 superb old vintage racquets - each showing considerable signs of wear and tear and several bearing the endorsement of star Australian players of the day. The combination of the colours and graphics on each of these relics lend a decidedly 70's feel to this beautiful contemporary design piece.


Fabric of Football Jumper Line Up Tea Towel;

This superb piece marries art, design and vintage sport to be the perfect gift for the discerning male (and female too!).

The photo based artworks result from years of collecting old Australian Football jumpers from op shops and the like throughout Australia and celebrate the vibrant colours and universal designs that were universal to the game back then.

This particular artwork features the backs of 28 jumpers typical of the designs replicated in league after league across the nation in the 1970's and '80's; striped, hooped, yoked and sashed guernseys of varying styles and colours.


All Tea Towel

100% Premium Linen

Length: 70cm

Width: 50cm


Country of Origin: Australia


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