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Description: Gorgeous Premium Art Prints. Stunning Images to light up any room. A cute addition to your littles ones space too. All artworks are made by New Zealand artist Nikki McIvor.


Morepork Dark-The artist has a feeling of affinity with this Morepork. He wakes when the stillness of night rises, and he calls through the trees in the dark, kept company by the moon.


Stag-Red Deer were introduced into New Zealand for sport in the 19th Century. This piece explores the call of the stag and the interaction with the hunter.


Penguins-I was touched by how faithful these adorable penguins are to their nesting sites. Crossing dangerous roads to reach them hence my name for the piece 'End of the Road', also a song from Eddie Vedder.


Grace(Mrs Fox)-In folklore, fowes are a symbol of cunning and trickery. I personally love the childhood story imagery of the fox hunting in the moonlight. Grace was inspired by the song 'Far from Grace' by The Doves.


Bob the Hare-This piece was inspired by The Cure song "A Forest. Bob the Hare is gathering strength and courage to enter the forest.


Racoon-I drew this racoon picture entitled 'Asleep' for a friend of mine's son. Still living in the imaginary world of fairy tales.


Willow-Is a fallow fawn wearing a greenstone koru symbol, representing new life.


Kaka-the Kaka is a native New Zealand parrott, which is now endangered and in regeneration programs.


Kingfisher(Cream)-Kingfishers are such an iconic sight in the countryside. This piece was inspired by a David Grey song.


Details & Colours:

B3 Size in a variety of Prints

403 x 560mm


Country of Origin: New Zealand


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