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There is a science to quality. Our pieces of armour are lead with innovation using 100% leather, working with innovative hardware techniques, and 'tested and proven' old world leather processes. We work hard and obsess over the detail, so you can feel good in your own skin. Our leather is created by hand, using a 200year old process, producing a durable and subtle leather that locks in colour and inhibits mould growth. A natural material that will endure, for time to come. Our hardware is uniquely designed so you won't find another bag like it on earth. We keep our branding minimal, because life should be about creating more space in your day, not filling it. Focus on the design you love, not the judgement or outcome.



We use leather because it is recognised as one of the world’s most durable and long-lasting materials. We have a fundamental goal to produce long lasting, slow fashion pieces. Encouraging the world to purchase high quality, timeless pieces that never date, with materials that surpass the length of time. On a standard scale, leather takes approximately 20-30 years to decompose. Compared to synthetics and man-made materials, which can take up to 200 years. We encourage the world to conduct their own research, and purchase fashion pieces that align with their personal values and goals.



Our leather is sourced in India. The leather we source is strictly a byproduct of the meat industry. No animal is harmed for the sole purpose of creating leather. We understand that wearing leather is not for everyone, we encourage all people to do their own research and purchase their armour according to their own beliefs and frameworks.

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