At artisans.global we pride ourselves on finding unique brands who are ready to expand into the Japanese & Global Markets. Our brands are focused on design, beauty, craftsmanship and originality.


Launched by Japanese | Australian husband and wife team, Tsuyoshi & Natalie, artisans.global is a creative mixture of cultures, a place where beautiful and unique items meet a calm and minimal experience.


artisans.global is a Wholesale, Trade and PR online concept, with a an exclusive wholesale & trade store. We represent designers and artisans from around the world and our product ranges can be found in major retailers, designer stores, select shops, galleries, also including the interior, design, hospitality, media and trade industries.


With a background in fashion, design and sales, Natalie says, "We wanted to not only make an amazing eclectic store but to also give our creators a chance to introduce their talents at a Wholesale, Trade and PR level, to both the Japanese and Global Market."


Heading up the Japanese Division, with both wholesale and retail experience, Tsuyoshi says, "Finding new artisans and representing these amazing brands is a really rewarding experience, although travelling with the wee ones can be challenging at times!"


Travelling far and wide, we are continuously sourcing new Artisans to represent and new Stores | Galleries | Trades | Media to showcase our Brands.




If you would like access to our Wholesale | Trade Collections please email us via our contact page including the information below, we will review and get back to you shortly. Thank you.

- Name of Store | Trading Company

- Contact information including name, number and website.


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